Why Raw?

Raw feeding or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (B.A.R.F) is a practical and common sense way to feed your dog or cat for a long and healthy life. It is fundamentally based on the natural diet eaten in the wild for thousands of years. This consists of approximately 80% meat and bones and 20% fruits and vegetables.

The problem with most processed foods is the fact they are based on cooked grain. This makes them biologically inappropriate. At no time in a dog’s evolutionary history has its diet been based on cooked grains. The commercial dog food recipe is largely based on the cost and availability of ingredients, combined with the minimum  legal requirement of nutrients and vitamins, flavour enhancers to make it palatable, chemicals to prevent it from becoming rancid and allowing for a long shelf life and finally colouring dyes to make it attractive to the customer. These foods are legally complete but not biologically complete.

You would be amazed how many well known pet food brands contain ingredients such as animal byproducts, meat meal, poor quality grains, soy, and harmful preservatives such as BHA, BHT and eycotoxin.

“The fact that an evolutionary diet promotes health comes as no surprise. That a grain based product such as commercial pet food is destructive to a dog’s health should also be no surprise. However, clever marketing (combined with very poor science) has resulted in these atrocious products being the major source of food fed to most pets in developed countries. And yet, feeding our pets according to the dictates of evolution (which is sound science in every sense of the word) is currently regarded by some as a fad, which they assume, will be short lived. I don’t think so! “

Dr. Ian Billinghurst B.V.Sc [Hons], B.ScAgr.,Dip.Ed