Dry Food

Although we recommend a complete raw or B.A.R.F diet for your pet, we do appreciate this won’t suit everybody.  Therefore we also offer a quality dry food at an affordable price which can be fed on its own, although we would recommend it be fed along with some raw meat.

Beef Bites

Our Beef Bites are produced in Ireland, using 100% fresh human grade Irish ingredients. They are air dried at low temperature to maintain their nutritional value. This is in stark contrast to the majority of dry foods which are extruded at temperatures of up to 500 degrees, destroying most of the nutritional value of the ingredients

There is no chemicals, colourants or flavour enhancers of any kind. It contains no BHA, BHT or Eycotoxin. Sodium Ascorbate is the only preservative used



Fresh beef 25%, fresh veg 15%, cheese 15%. The remainder is made up of wheat bread,



Protien                      23%

Oils                             12%

Moisture                   8%

Ash                             4.2%

Calcium                     1750mg/kg

Phosperos                 2160mg/kg

Vitamin B1                10mg/kg

Vitamin E                  2.2mg/kg

Energy                       17300 kJ/kg

Available in 15kg bags.

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Dry food for dogs